November 11, 2009



Gratitude Day 11: Great Leaders
Marilyn thank you for teaching me about this beautiful hymn. I was not familiar with the origin, indeed a gift from heaven.

I am thankful for great leaders. I recently completed a book about Abraham Lincoln and his leadership capabilities.

President Lincoln inherited a nightmare from President Buchanan, seven states had seceded from the Union, Jefferson Davis has been sworn as president of the confederacy, no action had been taken in Congress to put down the rebellion, in fact, the Senate had just passed a bill requesting the military department to lower spending, the South had taken control of all federal agencies and seized nearly every fort in the Southern territory, the Mississippi was in control of the South and Washington was left almost completely defenseless, the army was scattered, dilapidated, poorly equipped and only consisted of 16,000 soldiers, with a good portion being Southern sympathizers. Rumors persisted that the inaguration would be disrupted and the president would be killed. Hatred was prevalent and there was no effective leadership to be found in government. Lincoln was elected by a minority of the population and had never served in a national government - most considered him unlearned and incapable.

As we review the history of this great nation, I know of no equal to this time period. So what happened? One man with a mission and vision to keep the nation together and provide liberty to all of it's citizens rose up to lead. Abraham Lincoln stands alone in his leadership, the founding fathers/brothers were just that, an incredibly talented and forceful group that led to the birth of this incredible nation, but Lincoln stands alone. Without Lincoln, this nation, and by extenstion, this world would be a much different place. We have Lincoln to thank for keeping us together and preserving the liberties and inalienable rights upon which this great nation was founded.

I am grateful to know that one individual can make such a significant difference for millions. I belive that his power came from his integrity, his honesty, his vision of liberty and unity, his love of God and love of the common man.

Thank you for great leaders...especially those who don't realize how truly great that they are

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