November 16, 2009



Gratitude Day 16: I skipped forward today, I'll have to catch up days 10-15 later.

Today I would like to express my gratitude to the heart of our home, Marilyn. Marilyn is an exceptional spirit. I imagine each of you have been touched by her gifts. She has been blessed with many extraordinary gifts. I thoroughly enjoy watching her quick little feet and busy small hands get immersed in a project (I should say projects because generally there are 2 or 3 going on at the same time). The creative energy flows from her like the warmth of the sun, spreading over her project and transforming raw materials to a vibrant realization of her vision.

Marilyn's spiritual gifts literally embue her creations with life and joy. For Marilyn, creation is not an end unto itself, but it extends from her supernal gift of weaving a golden thread of hope, love, laughter and compassion to each of us. She creates connections of love, she has developed the gift of insight to see people as they currently are and as they could become. Her single threads of love extended to our children over the years, her sacrifices, have created a powerful environment and an anchor for each child. An eternal gift.

Thank you Marilyn, words are inadequate to express my gratitude for you.




First of all, Jonathan, I'd say you did pretty darn good with words. What a heartfelt tribute to a person we all love dearly.

Second, I to, am grateful for a warm hearth. You say cold to the north, try 9 degrees on Monday when I took Travis to seminary. Brrrr!

Joan Lloyd

Jonathan: I loved your tribute to Marilyn. It's a classic. I would like to add some things: FUN, FUN, FUN!! Marilyn knows how to have fun. BEAUTIFUL: Marilyn always looks pretty no matter where she is. She has great taste in clothes. (and shoes I might add). FOOD: Marilyn is SUPURB with food. She can whip up a gormet meal in a very short time. (It always looks appetizing and delicious.) PHOTOGRAPHY: She is a master of getting a picture perfect. Many of us are the recipients of her wonderful pictures. CARLOTTA: She couldn't be Mar without Carlotta. PROBLEM SOLVER: Knows how to evaluate a problem and solve it! (Many times I'm amazed.) GOOFY: Even though she is pretty, she has a time to be goofy along with that laugh of hers. HANDWRITING: She has the most beautiful handwriting. I still have a wrestling poem on the wall downstairs that you created and she wrote. These are just a few. Your poetry is fantastic, but your mom has the good looks. (ha ha)!

P.S. I might add CREATE: You and she have created beautiful, wonderful grandchildren for your dad and I. (Thanks)


Love these comments today, and agree wholeheartedly!

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