November 06, 2009



Day 6:

I'm going to echo Marilyn and express my gratitude for Emily. Emily puts up with her Dad! I am so grateful for that. She is a joy and an inspiration to me. At a very young age she learned to self-manage (in fact she may have come that way). So now she is working on managing the rest of us!

One of my favorite Emily story is about her hot feet. When she was a baby, Marilyn would bundle her up to go out in the frigid Vermont weather (40 below). She would layer her in clothes. As they would be driving down the road, Emily would start to fuss. It didn't take long for Marilyn to figure out that Emily was too hot (This is something that Marilyn may never understand because she has never been too hot). Well, Marilyn would roll down the window when Emily would start to fuss, and that seemed to do the trick. One day even with the window rolled down, Emily still was fussing. Finally the fussing stopped, and Marilyn discovered that Emily's shoes were gone - out the window - so the cool breeze could now drift over her hot toes. Emily was in heaven.


Emily you are a sweetheart. I have watched you grow (through this blog) and everything I read about you is so positive and uplifting. You are a special Daughter of God.


To Emily:

You are a very precious grandaughter, and a special young woman. I am so proud of you, not only your accoomplishments (which are many), but for who you are and who you are becoming. I love you very much.

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