November 08, 2009


Jill Shelley

This story brought tears to my eyes. Not only because the story is so inspiring and humbling, but because my future grandchildren will be related to them.


Thanks for sharing that story. I hadn't heard that one yet, and I love learning about my pioneer ancestors. Hopefully I can learn from them and follow their examples.


Wonderful story! I wish more people could appreciate that, especially those who supposedly "represent" us in Washington and all over the country. People really do need to take better care of each other. I'm glad those young ladies are learning such a valuable lesson from you!


I absolutely love stories from our ancestors. You are lucky to have some. It is such a powerful story showing faith and charity. Thanks for sharing.

Tamara Murray

Awesome lesson, Mar! Sei troppo forte cara mia.


Day 8: I am grateful for gratitude. Gratitude is a gift, a blessing, that we bestow upon ourselves and those with whom we associate. It is a choice. If the story about the ten lepers in Luke 17 is representative, only one in ten of us choose to be grateful. I hope the number is higher than that, for that would mean 9 of us are not embracing a beautiful gift. Of course the 10 were all men, perhaps women more readily embrace the gift of gratitude.

For some gifts I've received the only thing I that was possible to give in return was my sincere gratitude. These gifts are the most precious to me.


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