November 09, 2009



Day 9: Gratitude:
Today I am grateful for my citizenship in the United States of America. I spent my lunch hour (ok it ended up being two hours) in the Social Security Office waiting to apply for a replacement Social Security Card. Perhaps having that experience yourself you might ask... How can that be something to be grateful for?

As I saw those waiting I saw a hope in their eyes. A hope that the day would come when they might have their own social security card. I have a friend from Iran who has this hope right now.

Oh we have our problems, we have our challenges in this country, we always have, but we also have opportunity, we have hope. We have a constitution that has placed the power of the government in the hands of the people and a process that has resulted in the peaceful transfer of power for centuries along with a framework that not only allows, but encourages free speech and expression of ideas without the threat of imprisonment or fear of punishment. And most dear to me is the freedom to worship according to our faith and belief.

As I pondered about my citizenship, for which I am so grateful, I recognized perhaps the biggest threat to this liberty is ingratitude. I have observed as a parent that the possession a child is most likely to lose is that which they don't appreciate (sometimes because I take it from them ;) )

I am grateful that due to my birth in this country I have been chosen to be a steward of this liberty. Today I am more determined to be a responsible steward, and to teach this to our children.



Love both of your gratitudes today Lloyd parents!

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