November 30, 2009



Poor Aunt Mar. I hope your hands un-swell soon.

You could always hire someone to type for you. You could just dictate to them what you want said, and let them do all the work.

I can see it now--you lying on a lawn chair by the pool with a cool Diet Dr. Pepper (Diet Coke? I can't remember!) in hand as you soak up the sun. (This all assumes that it's warm enough for you to go to the pool. . . Otherwise, replace the pool scene with a nice warm fireplace.)

Love you. Get some rest!

Jill Shelley

Oh your poor hands. How frustrating to want so bad to just write away to your son but have to go so haltingly slow. And of course lots of people read your blog! I only met you once, even though we are related now :) and I read every post.


Thanks Karen and Jill. You are both wonderful.
Right now Karen, a cup of cocoa and lounging in front of the fireplace sounds pretty nice! But alas, I don't lounge well.
I did have some post entries in draft form which helps. I took a lot of time off of my hands today, it is helping. Tomorrow I go to help with the Nativity setup. I am a little worried about what that will do to my hands, and health. But I am hoping for (and expecting) the best! :)

Tamara Murray

I wanna see pics of the Nativity set! And out of curiousity, what did you fix for the Italian feast?

Sure love you, and when I read posts like this I wanna kick myself in the behind because you get about three times as much done as the typical person, even when it takes you three times as long to do it! And me, what have I gotten done in the last few days? Approximately 1/5 of my to-do list, and nothing of a service nature beyond that.

K, you've helped me decide that yes, I will blow off most of that to-do list again today, so that in the afternoon I can take the girls to see their grandfather (Alan's dad) in the Care Center he entered a few weeks ago. (He's got dementia and had become too difficult for my mom-in-law to take care of alone.) We usually go on Tuesdays, but it wasn't possible this week, and I've been vacillating on whether to go today or just wait 'til next week. But, no! This way I will be able to answer later today, in good conscience, the question, "What did I do for someone today?" Yaaaaay!!

Hey, gotta tell ya I'm SOOOOO glad you brought back the original version of your family pic on the blog's masthead. I was gonna tell you that I really miss seeing your cute leg kicking up in the background, and now I won't have to!

Alright, my typing must come to an end. Jenna has joined me and she's hankerin' for juice.

Ciao for now, cara mia!

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