December 22, 2009


Jill Shelley

I'm am sorry, but of course happy for her. I've been thinking about all of you since Karen told me the news. Did she by any chance write her life history? I have heard so much about her and I was so impressed by her when we met last May, that I would absolutely love to read her life story. I feel honored that Karen and Tyler's children will have such a legacy.

Joan Lloyd

We know what a special woman your grandmother was. We also know how close you and your family were to her. May you receive comfort when you need it. Her life and legacy will be with you always. What greater gift could she give you. God bless you.

Tamara Murray

She certainly did leave a legacy with her qualities of "Witty, fun, vivacious, hard-working, beautiful, talented, a go-getter, thankful, kind, selfless, spiritual, strong-willed, determined, intelligent and joyful"...because you are all of those things too. So happy you had all the time with her that you did. When I was reading one of your earlier posts about how she taught you to bake, it inspired me to want to have my mom and mom-in-law teach my girls something along those lines, and I'm thinking sewing will be "the thing."

Much love to you and your family as you bear up to this loss.


Sending our thoughts and love your way. She was such a wonderful example of determination and strength.


It's so hard to say goodbye (for awhile) to those we love so much. I am happy that you had your dear grandmother in your life. I would have loved to have met her. I can see the liveliness in her eyes. They have that certain sparkle. I believe that is where the lively, fun, sweet, talented, selfless part of you comes from. You and your family are in our prayers.

Mary Perkins

I have been thinking that Mom was always teaching me something. Her last lesson was teaching me what a sacred and holy experience death is. I have been truly grateful for those last moments as I watched her slip from this life to the next.
Thank you for being such a good granddaughter to her. She loves you.


I'm sure it's hard to let go of such an amazing presence, but how glorious for her journey to finally lead her to the place where she will have everlasting peace. May you find comfort and peace in knowing and loving her completely as you did.


A part of grandma will always be with us.

Teresa Brooks

So sorry Mar! I know how much you love her and how close you are (even now) to her. You were so good and kind to her. I know she will be missed.
Love you, Teresa

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