December 09, 2009



That's so exciting for Nathan! He will have an amazing time and be a wonderful missionary and LOVE serving the people and the Lord. I hope it gets easier for you.


Hooray! The visa is here! I'm glad to know that it is all working out.

And I agree with Holly; Nathan will have an amazing time and he will be a wonderful missionary. How could he not? He has had wonderful parents to set a good, loving example.

I know that two years feels like a long time; but it really does go by quickly--especially for someone as busy as you are.

I love you!! Say hi to the fam for me and T-Bone.


Nathan has become Elder Nathan Lloyd.

I am very excited for him!

Jill Shelley

Your writing today put tears in my eyes. So do you get a phone call from the airport? Can't wait to hear about that! Exciting times!!

Joan Lloyd

His lifelong dream has come true.


Nathan has always amazed me with the strength of his faith. He's going to be a wonderful blessing to the people of Argentina. I hope he will be kept safe and watched over has he begins his journey. So far so good! Just think, two months down, only 22 more to go!!


i know he will be a awesome missonary

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