December 01, 2009



This is a great article! He is a very amazing man!!
I hope that throughout my life I will be able to help others and do something for someone everyday.
Thanks for the challenge Mom!


Great article Marilyn! I love this guy, and I've never even met him. Hope you don't mind if I share a few opinions...

Lately I've heard so many nasty things said about people, and even from physicians I work with, mostly because of the healthcare debate. They make statments and judgements regarding the poor and those unable to afford healthcare. One doctor even said, "if they want free healthcare, let them go to a vet". It angers be that even my kids' pediatrician said in an article that "if it means a drop in my paycheck, I will not be for any healthcare reform, no matter how many people are served". Why did these people go into a care and service oriented career? I went into nursing to help people, not sit around and watch them die if they ran out of money. I would love to work with Dr. McConnell, or somewhere like that. If only we COULD do this nationwide, what an incredible thing that would be!

There's a reason St. Judes is my favorite charity, they save lives and never ask for a penny.

Thanks again for sharing and teaching!



You are awesome! I am grateful to have such a caring friend as you!


Love the new banner, and this great post.



i love the new banner

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