December 14, 2009



It was AWESOME Talking to Nathan!! I loved it and I cant wait until Christmas when he can tell us all about Argentina!


I'm so happy for you, Marilyn!


Hooray!!! How exciting!! And what a treat! I'm so glad that Nathan got to call you from the airport, and so glad that everyone could talk to him! What fun!


I'm so glad you got to talk to Nathan for so long. (I hate it when I post after Karen... She steals all my thoughts!) I hope he will be safe as he journeys and I am so excited for him to reach his destination. Knowing Nathan and other young men and women like him are out there serving the Lord fills my heart with joy. I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Tamara Murray

Ohhhhhhh that is so great! And to think you'll be able to talk to him again in just 9 days, how cool is that? It'll be a blast to hear him gush on about his first impressions of the country he is falling head-over-heels in love with!


it is awsome i cant wait to hear about argintina


Funny little story. Nathan wondered why the time on the pay phone wasn't running out... His mom informed him that it was a local call.

Hope he keeps some sense of direction in Argentina.

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