March 10, 2010


Melanie Mounteer

Can't wait for my mom to find out you cried when you saw her instead of grandma. I know she would understand though. I'd love to be able to talk to grandma again. Oh and Carolyn is having a girl! Could be the baby you saw.



Love the new look of the blog!

What a sweet dream.


Mary Perkins

I am crying too. At first I thought it might be my brother that my mother is holding. But...There are at least three of your cousins that age going to have babies this year. Carolyn, Tammy, and Debbie.


I'm always craving popcorn.

Seriously. Tyler and our popcorn popper make great popcorn.

It's interesting that you saw Great-grandma with a baby. I remember my mom telling me that just before my other great-grandma died, she said something about a little one coming to take her place--or something like that. Not too long after, someone had a baby.
(How's that for vague?)

Anyway, it sounds like it was a neat (if not somewhat sad) dream.

Thanks for sharing.

OH! I love how spring-ful your new layout is. It's beautiful!

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