April 28, 2010


 Joan Lloyd

To Megan, this sweet grand-daughter of mine
Who has an extra vertebrae in her spine.
She's so positive, she'll accept everything fine.
She's probably glad she doesn't have nine.
She'll tackle Physical Therepy and never whine,
She's amazing and will never give up trying.
Her happy attitude makes her shine,
I love Megan, this sweet grand-daughter of mine.

Grandma Joan

We hope everything will work out really well for you, Megan. Our prayers are with you through the process of your recovery.


And even in this trial, Megan can see the humor and laugh! You are an inspiration to me, Megan. Thank-you, Mar, for sharing this.


megan, even from the moment I met you when you were such a little bug, you always had a big smile and was such a go-getter. I believe you will come through this with flying colors. What a great example you set for us all.


Maybe Megan has an extra funny bone too!


Oh, and here you were joking about how you and Jonathan ran out of good genes, and that was why Megan had to deal with vision and spinal therapy -- now, you can see that you were actually giving her extra of the good stuff like vertebrae and a sunny personality. Megan is a delight!


I like what Shelley said.
I'd add intelligence to that list of inherited attributes. Megan has always been so bright!

You know how some older people like to complain about their health issues and it becomes one of their main topics of conversation? Megs could give them a run for their money! (Especially 'cause she's such a cutie.)

Jill Shelley

So like you to be always looking at the positive.

One of my sons has an extra bone in his neck. It was discovered accidentally from an xray after a car wreck.

Cute poem by her grandma!! :))


And google chrome for the win! Hurray! I can post again. Megan, I'm so sorry this has been so difficult for you. But you are always so happy and cheerful even in your trials. Just like your Mom. You are a great example to us all. Good luck with physical therapy. Love you tons!

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