April 17, 2010



oh marilyn! believe me--i understand the business of life with four kids, a hubby and pets....but i, for one, will be sad if you decide to stop!!!
i love reading your words and seeing your images....you have such a positive and thoughtful outlook that brightens the day! hope you find time to keep fitting it in! :-)

 Joan Lloyd

Oh, you are being so hard on yourself. One small error? I do it every day. I could use my age as an excuse, but I do it more frequently probably because I don't proof-read it like I should or I'm in a hurry. Your life would not be the same without your blog, and neither would your family's and a lot of others. OOPS . . . I hope I spelled family's right. is it families? Anyway I hope you continue. Being so far away, this is the perfect way for me to keep caught up on everything. Thanks.


Mar, you fit in the essential stuff, while doing fun stuff!

Jill Shelley

One thing you don't have to worry about is your grandchildren thinking you can't spell. They will be texting so much and abbreviating words, they won't even know the real spelling of words!

I hope you keep blogging.... :)

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