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April 25, 2010



You know, I am SO grateful that you guys came to Texas. Imagine how little I would know of my Rich family if you hadn't. (Not that I know a lot, but I know so much more than I would have.)

In fact, I would probably be a totally different person!

Secretly, my temporary place has always been the South. At least, it has been since we went to Fripp Island. I love the Southern history and culture. (And wouldn't it be fun to get a little twang?)

I doubt I would want to raise my family there, but it would be a fun, relaxing adventure.

Valerie Chandler

In the shadows of a temple....

Loved living across the corn field from the Mt Timp one!


#1. I am sitting here this morning watching the snow pour down from the heavens and wishing my dear friend was here to share hot cocoa with. Yes, I said snow. That's Colorado for you.

#2. I have always wanted to go back and live in Japan. I lived there as a child and grew to love the culture and people. It holds a special place in my heart.


Doesn't matter as long as you are by my side!


Ciao Marilyn, io e mio marito un giorno quando saremo soli vorremo andare a vivere in un paese sul mare per respirare l' aria buona. Penso che lo faremo. Un bacio


Hi Marilyn...great post btw! It's truly amazing how we want our lives to turn out, but end up in a totally different direction. Chris and I would love to experience the beautiful outdoors of Colorado. I think I would be ok living there. But Tx is my comfort zone...haven't even been out of the country. I would also like to visit Austria (I think that's it) where the 'Sound of Music' was filmed. Gorgeous.


I have never been the "mobile" type. Some people have a burning desire to visit all different places, but I don't. I like to look at photos, hear about places, and if I'm on vacation I enjoy it to the max, but I don't end up home waiting to go somewhere else. When we decide where to go on vacation, I usually try to figure out who I haven't seen in the longest. For me, I suppose it's not where I'm at, it's who I'm with. If my parents and siblings tragically died off, however, I would head to Maui in a heartbeat! I like the tropical hut idea! On vacation someday, I would like to see Ireland and Australia, maybe New Zealand.

Honestly, I don't know how people move from place to place repeatedly. That makes me stressed out, and WAY out of my comfort zone. I admire your "make it happen anywhere" attitude, and thinking of the positives in anything. I will forever be grateful for your move to Texas, as well as my reluctant move there, which was definitely the right choice. Right now, I am back where I started, back where I know I'm supposed to be, and just soaking it all in. I miss miss miss you though Marilyn!


As I am watching the snow fall outside my window I know I am happy with where I am at. I would love to explore however. I would love to live in Alaska. But---only during the summer. I think all the dark during the winter would be too hard to handle. I would love to live in Australia. See the outback. Explore Ayers Rock. I would love to go to Central America and see the ruins there. I am not sure I would want to live forever in any of those places. I do know I could live anywhere as long as my husband were by my side and I could see my children and grandchildren often.


Cara Mar, per me il luogo dove vivere dipende molto dalle persone che amo, dove sono loro lì voglio essere anch'io. Se poi posso scegliere anche il luogo beh, mi piacerebbe vicino al mare con la montagna alle spalle. Però sai come siamo noi italiani meridionali, ci leghiamo molto alle persone,alle cose ed anche ai luoghi, per cui riuscirò a far avverare questo sogno? Vedremo......

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