April 10, 2010



Mommy's my favorite!


Valerie Chandler

This post is so thoughtful. I am going to re-read it and really process parenting one by one. Thanks for recording these ideas. Love you, Marilyn.

Jill Shelley

Great post. And this concern never ends no matter how old they get.

Mary Perkins

Great post!

I remember having this same conversation with one of my kids who thought I was not being fair if his scoop of ice cream was smaller than his sister's but he never complained when it was bigger. Actually that was not the only thing he thought was not fair. I finally decided that he was more concerned with equal than he was with fair. I know I did not handle it nearly as well as you did. It think I told him something to the effect that life is not fair. Get over it. Too bad I didn't have your ideas helping me along the way. (It's not fair that you got all ability to teach such good lessons and I didn't.) Oh well, I'll get over it. HEHEHE


Hm. Aunt Mar, when I have kids, will you teach me how to be a good parent? I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be totally lost.

Well, not totally. I did learn a few things from my own parents.

But still. It never hurts to learn a few more lessons, right?

Love you. And miss you.


What a wonderful post from a wonderful mom!


I am so glad this topic is getting some attention!

I don't think it's fair that everyone in my family calls me "tardy", what's up with that?

You don't go around calling Nathan 'GPS-challenged', and Emily 'responsible', Ashton 'tease' and Megan 'smily'. How is that fair?? You don't even call your mom 'super-chef', Help me out here!

I'm walking faster this year and do a pretty good job of showing up on time.

Just because I used to chase the bus every morning doesn't mean I've not evolved over the years!

Who cares that I was born late? What's so bad about stopping to smell the flowers?

Are there not worse things than being a day late and a dollar short?

Whew! I feel so much better.... and also pretty certain that the needling will continue...and I'll love every minute of it!

Thanks fam, for not being fair, I love it!


 Joan Lloyd

Jonathan: DAD HAS ALWAYS SAID: "YOU ARE A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT". I don't agree with the day thing or the dollar thing, but I do agree that you are short!!!

Love every minute of it, Jonathan.


Dear Aunt Mary,

You crack me up! And oh, to be like you! That would be great!

Dear Val,

Thanks for your sweet comment, that meant a lot!

Dear Karen,

You'll do great! But if you want to be close enough for me to enjoy your little ones with you, I would not object!

And last but certainly not least, Dear Jon,
as in Jonathan, not Dear John...

We do call you tardy, we call it as we see it, if you were on time you would know that... :)
Nathan is "directionally challenged," I'm sure he knows how to program a GPS. And yes, we do call him that.
The others have their "fair" share of nick names and taunting, if you would stop smelling the roses, you would know that too...but wait, I don't remember you stopping to smell the roses...that is me! In fact, you just laughed at me the other day for doing that very thing...AND I am on time!
Oh, and please stop trying to walk so fast, the kids are worried about your hurt back.
Remember, all's fair in love and family war!

BTW, this post was actually about the children...

We love you,


I've thought it over Mar....

Any that's a very 'fair' assessment!

Love you,



Yes! Yes! This is exactly right -- whether it is fair or not.

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