May 30, 2010


Jill Shelley

But how did she break it, do you know? This reminds me of my foot story last summer. I hobbled in pain for weeks, had xrays, told it was a "tendon problem" but when I could not get better I finally saw a podiatrist. He looked at the same xrays and saw a fracture. I was relieved to know I had something that would mend, and it did. And she continues the PT even with the fracture? Obviously I know so little about backs and injuries.

btw, I loved the comments you left on my blog recently! You are an angel. I know you understand.


Wow. Now Megan can tell everyone she has a broken back.

Megs, you should milk this for all it's worth. When someone asks you to carry something, just say, "Oh, no. I can't. My poor back is broken."

And you sure are a trooper! We're thinking of you and praying for you often. Hope your fracture heals quickly!

Stacy Marks

Hi Megan! I am sorry to hear about your back. I am thinking of you and praying for a complete recovery.



We are sure that she fractured it during her competition season of gymnastics. She has been in pain for quite some time.
The photos of her in therapy were taken before we found out about the fracture BUT he was treating her as if she had a fracture in that area, so no further harm was done! Whew! She can continue to do what she has been doing the past month, but no running or jumping...
and NO lifting! So, Karen, she has permission to not help carry a thing!


Megan has a broken back! I just walk like I have one!

We are so thankful for you Megaroo!



Cute pics of Meg working out. I am glad to hear that they have possibly found the source of all the pain. Keep up the good work, Meg.

Joan Lloyd

Dear Megan:

You are an example to everyone. We know you will do everything in your power to get well. Everything about you is strong, and we know your back will be strong again soon. Love you, love you, love you . . . from Grandma Joan

Sorry it took so long to respond. I just got a new computer and it is finally set up.

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