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May 13, 2010



So which grinning teenage boy stole your cereal when you were younger? Must have been Steve, though I wouldn't put it past Dad, either.

And they say that smell memory is one of the strongest types of memory. If not the strongest. Which, is, I think, why I love pearberry so much (when it existed). There was some smell memory associated with that particular fragrance; though, I don't remember what it was.

Hope you get some more of the cereal you love!


Although your dad ate plenty of food without sharing, I was actually referring to Steve. He was a grinner!

I love all of the pear scents too, and I loved that scent when they carried it. They should bring it back!

I don't even like the smell of Jean Nate, isn't that funny?!

But scent is one of the greatest memory triggers, which is why I would spray my perfume in the hall just before I knew Jonathan would be walking down it before we were married... :)

 Joan Lloyd

In the past -- When I would walk up to East High School early each morning, I would pass Dunford's Bakery. mmmm---the smell from that store was so tempting that I would immediately get hunger pains

In the present, the fragrance of your cinnamon rolls are even better than Dunford's Bakery.


Ashton is going through a growing spurt - and a grinning spurt!

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