May 25, 2010




You will be a marvelous Vice President! I wish I was in the band just so I could watch you lead!



OHMYGOSH!!! Emily that is so exciting!!! ;)

But for real, now. I'm so pumped for you, Em. You are going to be a wonderful example for the kids in band. I'm sure that a lot of them look up to you (metaphorically), and I'm sure the directors really appreciate the fact that they can count on you.

P.S. I'd have voted for you . . . ;)

Jill Shelley

Congratulations Emily! With a Mom like you obviously have, you will all do well in this world!


Way to go Emily!! That is so awesome. You will do a great job.


Congratulations, Emily. You are a great leader among your peers -- the band is lucky to have you.

Stacy Marks

Congratulations Emily! You'll be fabulous!


Hooray to Emily!! Of course you were a shoe in. Your hard work over the last several years is paying off. And it will continue to do so. I know you'll go far in life. It's so much fun to see what you are up to.

 Joan Lloyd

Congratulations, Emily. You deserve the best. I'm so proud of you. It is a geat accomplishment and so richly deserved. You have been extremely blessed with a multitude of talents, all crammed into that small beautiful body of yours. The best part is you are so humble about it all. Love to such a very special grand-daughter. I feel it a privilege to be your grandmother.


What an accomplishment. You will be a great example and leader to all of those kids. They will be better for the time spent under your leadership.

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