September 30, 2010



Oh no! I don't know if I should be chuckling or crying with you. It must have been such a bad day for you and I'm so sorry. But I am sure that Emily loves her watch and appreciates your sacrifice to get it for her. I bet the sales clerk is just fine. Those of us in customer service have lots of stories about "those" customers. ;)


Yippee! Now you have a good excuse to go shoe shopping. You know, with all your extra time :)


Oh Aunt Mar!! What a terrible experience.

Ugh. I hate getting my feet dirty! (I wash them every night before I go to bed.)

But I'm so glad that the store clerk was so good to you! And hey, maybe you gave the store clerk some good food for thought!

Jill Shelley

Oh did this story have to end? I could have gone on reading forever. Or at least a few more hours. I could feel the pain in your feet, and the one in your heart. I really do wonder just what that young clerk really thought though.


Shoeless Joe Marilyn,

Thanks for everything!



Oh Miss Mar, you crack me up!!! I had a good laugh at your expense (sorry) but you wrote it so well that I could literally see the moments played out in my mind. I could see the expressions on your face and practically read your mind as each thing happened. I'm glad that you were able to accomplish your tasks and get home in one piece.

Grandma Joan

I'm so very sorry. What an experience. One thing for sure . . . Emily is one very fortunate girl to have such a mom. She will treasure that watch forever.


Ok...here are the thoughts I had reading this:
1) oh my gosh, what a bummer! I've had a shoe break at a Greek Catholic funeral and found a stapler in the church office. I was paranoid the whole time and what made it worse, I didn't know when to stand or sit and I didn't know what they were saying;
2) I cried when I thought about how emotional you are and how I get the same way when I talk about my girls getting older. I'm wiping tears right how;
3) Dirty parking lot? Don't EVEN go there with me! I lay my exhausted, sweaty body on my disgusting yoga mat in that Stonebriar parking garage three times a week at Jay's Boot Camp. I've even b@rf#d in the bushes a few times. So thinking of you running in bare feet...didn't bother me one bit. Even felt a little connection there.:)
Miss you, friend!


You are so very funny. But for such a funny story, why am I shedding so many tears?

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