September 21, 2010



I think her eyes were the purest.

Jill Shelley

What a story. Both of them. I like Meg's version the best. I do believe we are surrounded by angels, especially when we are in trouble. I think some of those are from heaven, I think others are the goodness of others being planted where we need them.

Reading this has made me wonder about incidences in our life...and what my sons versions of them would be.


Wow. That would be so scary.

I really like Uncle Jonathan's comment -- Megan's eyes were definitely the purest.

And if you do ever hear Nathan's version of the story, I definitely want to know what he remembers.


Wow! I've never heard any version of that story before!! I'm so glad it turned out so well. I believe that children and the very elderly can sometimes see things we can't simply because they are closer to the veil.

Ashley .

I like Meg's memory the best. I know that was SUPER scary for you guys and I think of it every time I see that spot on the back of your car that's a little darker than the rest. I think it's neat that her memory is so very clear of an event that happened so long ago. Hope someone records it for her journal!

Grandma Joan

Oh what an experience, and pictures to prove it. It's nice you had the opportunity for each of you to review what you remembered. I agree with Jonathan. I'm glad you recorded it. This will be one of your choicest spiritual experiences.

Mar, if you get a chance, read your email.

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