October 03, 2010



Does the band still post their shows somewhere online? I really want to see this performance!!

Em, this is such a cool experience for you! I'm glad you get to do something so fun.

And Aunt Mar, I for one would love to hear about the judging drama.


Love watching all the bands perform when we go to competitions. They are all such awesome young people, so disciplined, so into what they do.

And to Emily, what an exciting way to end your high school band career.

As for the drama, you don't put it out there and then not go into it. That's messed up!


Emily, you are the star of the show!!!

Grandma Joan

Emily: If your dad says you are the star of the show, then that's what you are!!! I had to laugh that you take the part of someone completely opposite of you. You must do some tremendous acting. I congratulate you. WHAT FUN!

Jill Shelley

What a spunky take-the-world-on girl Emily is!

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