November 02, 2010


Ashley Jones

Those look sooo yummy! My mouth is watering! ;)

Jill Shelley

I have never ever seen prettier carmeled apples anywhere! Your little leaf dish really brings out the fun colors.


Your caramel apples are so cute and delicious!!
I like the orange pumpkin looking one with the orange leaves the best. It is so cute!!!
But, my favorite tasting apple is the one with white and dark chocolate and the sea salt :)

I love you Mom!!!

Valerie Chandler

Beautiful! What temperature you take the caramel to in order to make it perfect for dipping?


Hi Valerie!
I take it to soft ball stage or 2 degrees above...then let it rest five minutes before dipping. (I really prefer a softer caramel to the hard candy coated caramel apples).
I also use a very fine sand paper to sand the outside of the apples first, so the caramel stays in place. I rewash the apples after sanding, of course.


I still remember you coming to our house and cooking a ham and cheese chowder. It was delicious, and to this day my favorite things to cook are soups! Thanks for your great taste and talents, Mar.


Oh. My. He&!*#. Could you be any more perfect? I love you so...


If opposites attract, there is a major magnetic pull between Mar and I!

She has more creativity in her pinky finger than I have in my entire life!

What a joy to see so much right brain bursting beauty. It overpowers a left brain analytical mind! The symmetry is awesome!

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