December 16, 2010



Oh wow, Aunt Mar. These are beautiful!! I so wish I was there to try them! (My mouth is watering . . .)

I'd say that this experiment of yours is a success! (Even if they only taste half as good as they look, they are sure to be amazing.)


They are amazing!!


I'm such a dip (pardon the pun)...I couldn't figure out how you got them from black balls to white at first...I kept looking through your description to pick up on that step, and then I FINALLY saw it, where you said you dip 'em in white chocolate. That was a little too brief, tho', for us truffle neophytes. How much white choc do you prepare--and how do you prepare IT?

Grazie cara mia. Mi piaciono tanto le foto!


I love them! They are so good! I can't wait until she let's me have as many as I want!!


Sooooo sorry for not explaining that process! That would make ME the dip!
I hope this will help you to become a big dipper!

Typically, you will need about 2-3 c of white chocolate per batch. (That all depends on how much you use on each truffle.)
I like to melt my choc in a double boiler...meaning a pan over a pan. The top pan needs to fit tightly over the bottom pan in order for no steam to escape. I heat about 2 inches of water in the bottom pan (so as to NOT touch the top pan) to simmer. Then I place the top pan over the bottom pan with chocolate in it and turn the heat off! Stir continually (I stir with a rubber spatula) until your chocolate is nicely melted and then you can dip away! I find it easier to put one truffle on the end of a fork. I then use a spatula and drizzle large ribbons (not globs) of choc over the truffle. Let the excess drip off. Then I use another fork to place the truffle on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper or parchment paper (not the letter kind!). :) If you are sprinkling them with peppermint or anything fun on top, do it before they begin to set up. I sprinkle immediately.

If I have time I will post a blog description...I hope this makes some sense to you!
Ciao cara mia. Ti voglio un sacco di bene.


Grandma Joan

They look delicious!!!!! Elizabeth says they are delicious. Way to go. If it wasn't so late, I might try them for Christmas. Oh well, we'll see.

Melanie Eickbush

I'm so excited to tell you this, Jordan is famous for making oreo truffles for all her seminary classes at school, her health academy, her young womens activities and even made them for Max's class at school for their Christmas party. I will share this peppermint twist with her as I don't think she's made this kind yet. She has made all different kinds of chocolate, white drizzled with dark, milk drizzled w/ white. I don't have the patience to make these so I assume this is something she got from you, as she did spend much of her toddler years at your house! hee hee. The one thing I have to give you props for is the rolls you taught me to to make, I still make them every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas and I still give the credit to you!.. IT took four batches to feed the crew at my sister's this Thanksgiving, but when people ooh and ahh and stuff them in their pockets and steel them to take back their hotels (it happened!) I still tell them that I was taught to make them by my friend in Colorado, Marilyn, who is the best cook I know. I have mastered one of your recipes, sigh, my life is complete. ha ha.


muy delisioso:)

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