December 26, 2010


Megan Lloyd

It was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! I loved talking to Nathan and it was very sweet to me! I love waking up to the smell of Christmas (Cinnamon rolls) :) Thanks for a wonderful year everyone!!

P.S.Mom-I love how you went back and forth with Green and Red font. You're amazing!!


It was a beautiful Christmas, one of the most memorable ever!

Mar, I think you are awesome! Red and Green and such an excitement and love from Christmas!!!

Thank you


Confession: While we spent time with you, I kept expecting to see Nathan, either reading a book somewhere, or joining in on the fun; it really did seem a little strange not to see him around the house.

And I love your cinnamon roll tradition! I think it's neat to be able to share a (wonderful) talent you have with so many people that you love.

Also, I can't imagine making so many cinnamon rolls. I get tired just by making cookies!! (I know, I have much to learn.)


I love your Christmas morning tradition. Such a beautiful lesson that your kids have learned...to serve others first, like Christ did. And what a special thing Nathan did for you guys. What a thoughful, caring brother and son. I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas day!


What a great family!


This is awesome!!!!!!!!! I should give you my address, I love cinnamon rolls.. My grandmother used to make them every Christmas morning as well. Sweet memories. Jay

Grandma Joan

We are in St George. We finally got the internet and were able to pull up your blog. What a wonderful treat for us to celebrate Christmas with you in St George and in January and in the sun.

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