January 12, 2011



Wow! You guys really did get some snow!! (I love Carlotta's beard.)

Glad everyone made it home safely.


Smash had a blast!

Grandma Joan

I can't type well for the tears in my eyes. Yes, (and this sincerely is not a prideful comment from his mom), I can side with your statement: "Jonathan is the best husband of the year)!!

What a storm . . . what a blessing!!

Jill Shelley

Wait a minute, don't you live in Texas?? You look like you live in a winter wonderland. That's incredible!

Your men know exactly how to make you happy.


That is great! I hope that I can "groom" my husband so that he will do something similar for me one day. However, we do live in a state where we often see snow. So in a way he already is that way. He bought me a big vehicle that not only hold our kids but if in an accident we would all be able to walk away. It also has four wheel drive. I am so grateful for that because there are days where I wouldn't even get out of the driveway without it.


I love the beard on your darling car! And I love her name! fun updates!


What great men you have in your life. They truly love you. You really got hammered with snow. I love Carlotta's pic. She looks like she is trying to smile and show she loves the snow, but is really not appreciating it at all. Ha ha.

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