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January 17, 2011



WHAT ABSOLUTE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am smiling, crying and laughing at the same time! How fun!


Great Framing, Love the light and shadow!


Haha! I love the last picture. (I mean, look at Marilyn's face!)

But seriously, all of the pics are great!!

And that shadow really is awesome.

Can't wait for March 5th!


Sorry, Karen...I have added some photos. Which one was your favorite? Possibly silly string #2?


Thanks so much Aunt Mar!! The pictures so far are awesome. I can't wait to see the rest. We had such a great time too. I'm so lucky I have Adam. And March 5th can't get here fast enough!!!!!


You DID add photos! Yes. Silly String #2 totally cracks me up. (And personally, I think the invites should have the very last picture in them. It says, "We're serious. Seriously awesome."


I can't go to the wedding:( I wish I could though.

Congratulations Adam and Marilyn!!

Love ya lots,


Karen, that last one is my favorite too. Do you think we could get away with using that as our announcement photo??


Silly string makes the world sing!


Marilyn, you have chosen well. It is evident that he loves you with all his heart. I especially like the happiness in your face that is in every picture. I love you Marilyn! I can't wait!

Love, Mom

PS Aunt Mar... you're a great photographer!


I think everyone who reads the blog.....scroll down and keep scrolling and you might see things you never noticed!!.......



Lol Megan... thanks for the clue to check your mom's blog updates. Super cute!

Jill Shelley

I saw these GORGEOUS photos shortly after you posted them. I meant to comment but just realized I didn't! You did an excellent job of capturing these 2 VERY IN LOVE people. I can't even decide which one is my favorite.

What a great unique idea about the silly string. I'm surprised no other photographers I follow have tried that!


All the pictures are awesome! I love the first picture with the date on the chalkboard and the picture with the cool shadow the background. I think the silly string pitures are so fun!!!

Congrats Marilyn and Adam!!


I love the new pictures you put on the Post. The black and white one where she is on his back is cute! I love all of them especially the one with the chalk board in front of them and they are out of focus and the date is!! (It's probably because of my beautiful writing(: Just kidding) The first silly string one is funny where Marilyn doesn't have a can and Adam does and Adam is making funny faces at her!! I guess I just love ALL of them!!!



PS....Silly string #2 I like too because of Marilyn's and Adam's Face!! :)


Congrats Marilyn. I have never met you personally but have followed you on Mar's blog. I am very excited for you guys. And the pictures are fantastic.

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