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February 05, 2011



Awesome! Wonderful post and Amazing Pictures!

Grandma Joan

This post is all the words that Jonathan used plus creatively beautiful. Hope you feel better soon, Marilyn.

Valerie Chandler

Sweet post, Mar.



Jill Shelley

I would almost say those GORGEOUS pictures are worth whatever you had to do to get them, but NO NO they are not worth your getting hurt. Are you sure you didn't break your tail bone?

Wait a minute...snow in TEXAS??


mar!!! i am coming to your blog to look for the cinnamon roll recipe i think you posted once upon a time....then i scroll through and see the very first pic on THIS POST.....the one of the sun peeking through some snow......did you see MY post from the snow we had in january? i'm telling you we are two peas in a pod!! and i cannot believe we still have not met face to face?! my post has a bunch of regular snow pics but the very last one is of the setting sun as viewed from a snowy/icy tree branch. the colors are the same. the effect is the same. the idea is the same. (except yours is the sunRISE!) crazy i tell you! just crazy!!!!!
i love this post! especially the "reality is the beauty" pic of the bush with the kids out of focus in the backgroud ;-)))))) have a warm day!

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