March 30, 2011


Emily and Megan

Hey Dad!!! Guess what we are having for your homecoming dinner tonight!! Microwave Pot Pies!! :)
We know how much you loooove them and didn't want you to miss out on something you love so much once you come home, so you get to eat pot pie for dinner again. :)
We love you Dad!!
Love, Emily and Megan
P.S. Just kidding! We wouldn't really do that to you... or maybe we should :)


Tortelloni. Done deal. Everything about your homemade tortelloni and breadsticks says love. (Well, at least it does to me.)

In fact, I could definitely go for some of your tortelloni right now. Like wow, I really could definitely eat some right now.

And banana cream pie for dessert.


Well Jonathon, you might not be missin' Mar's cookin' so much if you shopped places other than Sam's. Nestle ice cream sandwiches and Miracle whip are not good "Mar cookin'" replacements. (You know you will be teased the rest of your life for that. We Killian's show no mercy.) Next time we will have you over for dinner(s) so you don't feel so lonely and so hungry!!

Jill Shelley

Whoever said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, was really on to something. Some women don't want to believe that because they don't want to cook, but it's true, as you know. I think dinner can solve LOTS of problems in the world.

Hey, you know he will love whatever you make!


Mar, you know I love every thing about you!

I've posted the picture you sent me on my screensaver and have thought deeply about the insights you shared with me. My thoughts were with you and the children as I traveled.

Having said that, my homecoming meal was absolutely amazing! Grilled fajita chicken skewers with pineapple, peppers and onions and my favorite Texas chocolate sheetcake for dessert!

Thanks Mar,

Hey good lookin' watcha got cookin'?

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