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March 12, 2011



YAY!!! That is so exciting!!!
Congrats Karen and Tyler!!!!!!


YAY!!! That is sooo cool!!! And fun!!!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats to you Karen and Tyler!! Marilyn-your gonna be an aunt!!! haha!!

Marilyn the Aunt to be

Wooooohoooooo!!!!! I am so excited for my baby niece/nephew. Looks like my new years wish came true!!! Congrats Karen and Tyler!!!

Jill Shelley

You said it all so well Aunt Mar. :)

I have a request. I have one picture of Karen as a little girl. If you have any more, I would so so love to see them. Or even one. Is there any possibility you might want to put a baby and/or little girl picture of Karen on your blog? I know what Tyler looked like, but I thought if I could see a baby or toddler or little girl picture of Karen, then I could get an idea what Baby H will look like.

Baby H is already so loved.


Wow. Look at how tired I look in that picture. I blame Baby H - taking it out of me from the very beginning.

I am SO excited for Baby H!! (He or she is pretty much all I can think about.) And I'm so glad that Baby H is already so loved. That makes me so happy.

Brent Rich

I am so excited to be a grandpa, and I agree with Marilyn that the baby will be adorable. I feel lucky to be a member of the Rich family, and I know that baby H will get lots of love and attention from both families.

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