April 28, 2011



As much as I love Texas storms, I was always terrified of tornadoes as a little girl. (I probably still am a little scared of them--I'm not sure how I'd handle being in one as an adult.) I even had a recurring tornado nightmare where I'd be out on the street in front of my house, and watermelons would come flying all around me while I would be running to get home (but not making it). I don't know why I associated flying watermelons with tornadoes. But I did. (And still do?) Silly as it is, I was very scared of them.

I'm glad you guys and the rest of my Texas family have been spared any terrible damages from the recent storms.


Maybe we will have the opportunity to help some of those that have been so deeply hurt by these storms...


I cried and cried when I saw the news. It makes my heart break. Especially now knowing the feeling of great fear, loss, and shock. My prayers are filled with comfort for each and everyone affected by this tragedy.

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