April 02, 2011



I'm so sorry you're still struggling with your health. We pray for you to feel better every day. And although I know you dislike not being able to do as much, I am glad you are taking care of yourself.

Love you, Aunt Mar!

Grandma Joan


Three words: You are remarkable!


You rock...hand in there. I love you!


Thanks for posting about your challenges--I am always reluctant to talk about my own plight as well, so I understand you being hesitant about it. But the thing is, I (along with others) am frequently wondering about the latest with your health, so it's best we know, ya know? Now we have some specifics we can be praying for!

Just love you my dear, and I know that your daily therapy will pay off. That's something I've learned about the back--it takes time to heal, but heal it will!


Your half a day is more than many accomplish in a week!

Love you,


Jill Shelley

I read this a few days ago (I read your posts the day you write them) but I wanted to come back here and thank you for it. I know you do not like talking about your health and challenges. It's like it's against your nature to do so, but I also have been one of those wondering how you are doing.

I once read this quote but I don't know by who:
"I learn on my hard days, and I live on my easier days." You have great empathy for others and I'm sure this is in part because of what you have been through.

I hope the warmer days ahead bring good health to you. Please keep us posted.

Stacy Frisbie

Hope you're feeling better now Mar. Hugs

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