April 22, 2011



I see a beautiful, elegant lady who sees the world in brightness and glory. Thank you for continuing to enrich life for so many.

I love you, this is wonderful.



LOVE the photos!! I Love them Sooooo Much! I'm glad Mom that you got this shot! Well Good Luck Mommy-On your talk! :)


Jill Shelley

I see pure beauty. Nature's gifts for a Father who loves us. What depth to those colors!


Both pictures are just so surreal! (What an eye you have for beauty, Aunt Mar.)

I love love the first picture-it seems like it's straight out of a fairy wonderland. And it's interesting because a part of me wants to clear the branches away and look deeper into the fairy background, the part I can't see so well. But then when I stop to look at those branches, they really do look beautiful, too!

And I really love the "true perspective picture." All the beauty and magic is still there in the second picture. In fact, that's where the beauty and magic originated. I see it as something like--we are all given so much in life, and the agency to do what we will with it. And if we take a step back and really take a look at the things we have (or situations we are in) we can find the beauty and magic hidden (or maybe not immediately seen) reality.

I guess it just really all depends on what you choose to focus on.

Love these pictures. (The top one is currently set as my desktop background. It replaced one of the ultrasound pictures. Which should say something about how much I like it.)


I love these pictures! They are so beautiful!!
Good idea Karen! I just put it as my background too! :)
Love you Mom!!

Lori Tolbert

One of my favorite things about these pictures is the delicate spider web on one of the branches.

I can't wait for you to get these up on your wall! They are both beautiful and inspiring.

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