June 09, 2011



SO exciting! Congrats Emily!

Jay Marks

Just wonderful! The way you captured the moments and memopries in your blog is a real treat to read. Please give her our love and congratulations. Jay and Aunt Stacy

Lori Tolbert

She's one of my heroes, too. Love ya, Emily! Thanks for the wonderful influence you've had on our family and the love you've shown my kids. Borrowing you mother's words, I'm happy for you and all that your future holds but sad that BYU is so far away.

Grandma Joan

We love you, Emily, and wish you very best in all that you do. Marilyn: The pictures are great. They bring joy to us because we are so grateful that we were able to share those special moments with all of you. Thanks for everything. It was perfect.


Emily, you are amazing! You are so smart and beautiful and I am so excited for you to go to college. Thanks for being you!!


Emily- I love you so much! Im going to miss you when you go to' college and its going to' be' wierd to' not have my big Sister there for me! Im going to' mis you! I love you!!!!!!!!


Marilyn tells the story of how she pretended that she was in Colorado when she left on her mission to Italy, so it wouldn't seem so far away.

I've been taking the same approach with Emily, if I pretend that she really isn't going away, it is easier for me. I'm having a hard time accepting this transition.

I am so blessed to have you as a daughter Emily, you inspire me and fill me with joy. Thank you for being who you are.

I love you,



Dear Emily,

What a fun time for you in your life now! I loved my freshman year at the Y, and I hope you do too!

And like everyone else, I can't believe that you are already graduating from high school. (Or at this point, that you have already graduated.) But I am so excited for you! So many awesome things await you, and I can't wait to watch them unfold.

Hope your first week as a college freshman was wonderful!

Love you!


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