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June 25, 2011



I miss Emily.but I am so happy for her.


La Dolce Vita! I recommend that place to everyone.

Tyler and I went there for an anniversary, I think. And we had the most delicious pesto something pasta. We asked the waiter what his favorite meal there was, and he basically created it for us. (He combined a couple of things. I wish I remembered what! But it was so good. I'll have to ask Tyler to see if he remembers what that magical meal was.)


I am so happy and excited for Emily. What a fabulous life experience. I only wish I had done the college thing. That is why I encourage my children every day to strive for that goal so they can achieve greater things in life and so they can have all the joyful, growing experiences college can offer.

Melanie Eickbush

Oh my goodness, Jordan and I were just there last week, Jordan stayed in Robinson Hall for EFY, I wish we could have met up with Emily for a little reunion. I had a hard time leaving Jordan in the dorm there for that one week, so I can't imagine how you felt leaving her there! We are on the same page, just one year left for Jordan and I will cherish every moment of it. That EFY experience made me realize how close it is! I am glad Emily is having fun though, she's sooooo cute! Love you, Mel


I can't believe that! I am so sad that you were right there and she didn't get to see you!!! She is not far from Robinson Hall. In fact, I'm surprised that you didn't run into her there.
Love to you!

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