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July 11, 2011



yes first to comment:)


Mm. I remember the first time I had that same kind of salad at Catering. I think I had to help put it together for one of the apostles who came to speak at a devotional. It is delicious. (I don't usually go for fruit in my veggie salads, but this one is really tasty. A light and delicious summer treat.)


It's funny that you said you don't care for fruit in your veggie salads...I am the same way but occasionally I am surprised and like a salad such as this.
I am working on a revision for the dressing...


Amazing pictures and recipe.. I always love your pictures... I made the temple sunset picture my background on my laptop. Happy Summer Jay

Grandma Joan

i hope you don't mind, I made my laptop background the temple scene also. It's incredible. Thanks


That's great that you are using the photo...glad some of my photos are being put to good use!

Was it spotty at all when you blew it up? It is taken through a window, so I was just wondering...


The salad was awesome!! And I prefer the modified vinegarette.

Your photo looks like a postcard!


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