January 27, 2012



Am I really a little chunky Mar?

Or am I reading too much into this?

Raspberry is my favorite.

I am really looking forward to the movie!

Grandma Honey

Sorry I don't have any conclusions...
I did go to your link to hear your song but then I remember back in 1971 and I was in 11th or 12th grade and I could NOT get a certain song out of my mind. I sang it so much that my friends were getting annoyed with me. I had a difficult time getting that song out of my head! So I don't want to chance letting another song do this to me. :) The song I couldn't get out of my head: Starry Starry Night. Probably before your time, but oh I do remember it.

You can check it out if you want but be careful:


I believe it was Honey with a metal cookie cutter in the pantry! Honey was jealous of Jelly so she murdered Jelly's best friend so she would be so distraught she wouldn't go through with the marriage and then Peanut Butter would run to Honey for comfort and her big master plan will have worked. HaHaHaHa! Just sayin.....you asked.


By the way, haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Great entertainment.

Nathan Lloyd

Wow! That's quite some dream!!! So, I'm pretty sure that honey was quite distraught over the whole situation and wanted to shake things up. It seems to me that honey hooked up with cheerios and they got a little nutty!! But, poor tomato, how did he get pulled into all of this?


Hmmm...Even though it was my idea to put the endings on the blog, I havent thought of one...haha. I think that the salt and pepper shakers did it because they are the guys that are the "detectives" so they want to pretend like they werent the real ones to do it so they could blame someone else...but why did they do it? I think they did it because they want to "shake" things up in the pantry and make it interesting(:



I am laughing so hard at these comments! You are all great!

It looks like Kim, Nathan and I were thinking along the same lines...I too thought Honey was probably to blame but I wasn't quite sure why...

But Nathan, I may never be ale to look at my Honey-Nut Cheerios the same again! And you know how much I love them! Ha, ha!

Megan, Salt and Pepper shaking things up? Hadn't thought of that! Cute!



I knew exactly which song you were referring to. That is funny that you were hooked on it in high school.

I don't think the PB and J song would do that to you, though...it's not quite that kind of song.

But it is a song your grandkids would love!


You are all chasing cold trails...

Here is the story of the "BIG CUPBOARD CAPER"


Names, Thursday... Joe Thursday

This is obviously the work of the Italian muffinosos....

They are the muffins wearing the pin striped suits listening to Sinatra in the pasta section of the cupboard.

The motive... simple - they had been eating PB&J for the last 3 weeks and were looking for the cook in the "big house" to fix them some "home cookin"... if you know what I mean...

How do I know? I don't want to go into too much detail, let's just say that cousin Vinnie helped me 'interrogate' the pasta. They copped the truth after we busted a few of them and interrogated them over a hot stove.

Signing off.... remember, names Thursday... Joe Thursday


Hahaha!! Aunt Mar, please turn your dream into a Pixar Short. (That is how I was envisioning it as I read through it.)

I loved the song. It's so fun! "We're so happy on our little piece of bread"--words to live by.

Tyler has an excellent question--who was performing the ceremony for PB & J?? 'Cause if it was Tomatoes, I think we definitely need to take a closer look at Honey. . . .



I love your comment and I think you and Tyler are on to something!

It was just like a Pixar as I was dreaming it.

Could be a fun little short film...although it wasn't pretty when Tomatoes was splattered on the shelf...

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