March 03, 2012



I also think he'll want/end up with a woman who is good with money. It seems to me like Smash is very conscientious about his finances--and he'll want someone who is the same.

But what a fun assignment! And while it sounds like Smash had a pretty good idea of what you'd say, I bet it was pretty eye-opening for some kids, and generated some good conversation--that may never have happened otherwise. Very very cool.


I see Ashton with someone whom he loves deeply and who loves him deeply in return.

I believe they will both be very hard workers and laugh a lot together.

I see them bringing the very best out of each other.

And... of course... the cooking thing will be pivotal!

Grandma Honey

It will be fun to keep this list and compare later on down the road. (privately of course :)

Ginger Upshaw

As I read this I was thinking of what in the world does my MIL think of me??? Do I do all these things for her son? I need to be a better wife!!!! Thanks for the reminder.


You do know your son inside and out. It will be interesting to see who he does eventually choose.

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