April 29, 2012



Oh, Aunt Mar!! I am so so sorry about the IV. I hate needles. And I hate IVs. We have been praying for you every day, and we will keep up our prayers. I wish I could give you some of my energy and strength. We love you very much!!

Grandma Honey

Yes, I did want this update, so thank you. But at the same time it was hard to read because my heart goes out to you. You are going through so very much right now. It's got to get better very soon with the extra knowledge the Drs will have after your tests this week. I'll be thinking of you, and looking for more updates. And praying for throughout each day.

Joan Lloyd

I'm so sorry, Marilyn, that this procedure is so terrible. (brutal is probably the right word). I hope things get easier for you. This week will be difficult. Prayers go out your way. Thanks for fasting for my sister. I haven't heard any more. She is under the care of a hospice center now. I'm not sure if I told you that.

Take care, and we'll keep in touch.


Yes, I came looking for an update. I'm so sorry .... what a difficult thing. Sure love you!!


I spoke with my mom today about my dad's experience. The first two times he dealt with it, the iron treatments were not enough on their own and he ended up needing a blood transfusion. The third time, the iron was enough on its own. Though, they still don't know where all the blood is going????, the doctors have kept him on heavy doses of iron for the last year, and he is doing much better. Each time, the doctors discovered the problem when he needed a surgery. The first 2 surgeries were urgent, so when the iron transfusions didn't take, they gave him blood w/in 2 weeks. But, the last surgery could be postponed until they could get his hematocrit and hemoglobin levels up on their own. It took 2 months to get him surgery ready, then about 6 months to be at "normal" levels. Thinking of you!

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