May 15, 2012



You certainly have been through the ringer and have become quite the pin cushion.

You are a patient patient!



I'm so very grateful that you are finding answers that will lead you to good health!!

Grandma Honey

As hard as it will be to eat gluten free, I am so very happy for you that you have answers now. Are you familiar with the Crockpot Lady?

Her daughter has celiac so all of her recipes are gluten free. She even mentions certain brands of things to buy in her recipes in order to stay completely off gluten of any kind. A while back she made and posted a crockpot recipe for every day of that year.

There must be lots of support and help through the internet. I hope you will share this new journey with us.

Joan Lloyd

It is so nice of "Grandma Honey" to give you that information. You have always been concerned with staying healthy and eating the right things. I know you can do this. I'm not saying it will be easy, but you, of anyone I know, will be able to get healthy and stay healthy. Hope you will feel better each day. Thanks for keeping us informed.



Jay Dude..

Here is what I know about you. You are a woman of courage and faith. You are a rock star of motherhood. You are a glamour wife. You rise to challenges and welcome them as you know that it is only designed to add to your amazing character. You are a shining light to your kids and they are so grateful and lucky to have you as a Mom and to Jonathan a wife. I believe in positive thinking and super affirmations. I have had my share of major rough days, death of my family and total heartbreak. I have also seen what happens when I find a way to be grateful for my very hard times. I personally admire you and am praying for your health and success in your new adventure. May God richly bless you . You are very important to your and our family. I hope the next fifty years of your life just as awesome as your first 29! (that is your age right? You look it anyway) if you ever need a positve thought, comment or a Boo Yah! Call me.. those are my specialities.. This disease thing will not define you .. You born to fufill a great legacy.. one day they will say.. yeah That Aunt Mar... she really knew how to live...and becasue you master your afflictions.. it will be hard to tell you even have one... I think you are great! I love you very much and wish you my best .. Kindly Jay


I'm glad they found out what is wrong with you and hope that you will start to fell better. I love you!


When the alternative could be so much worse, I am glad that it turns out you have celiac disease. It will be difficult to get used to your new lifestyle. But you are resilient and I know that you will be able to do what you need to be healthy. And you have tons of people who love you and will do what they can to help you be healthy. Luckily a gluten-free diet is becoming more popular. Even though this is life or death, not just a fad for you, it will help as you learn to shop and eat gluten free. I love you tons and I hope your health starts improving soon!!

Luana Best

My 5-year-old granddaughter has celiac disease, so I'm very grateful to Grandma Honey for sharing the link to the crockpot lady's blog. Mar, I'm so glad you have found answers and that prayers have been answered. Ti voglia bene, bellisima!


Celiac's...you can do. Cancer...I'm glad it's not. Not fun by any means...especially since you're a rock star cook, but you can do it. Of course, we all know someone with it...my girlfriend has it an does well. La Hacienda Ranch, Fireside Pies, Mi Cocina, and Pei Wei all have gluten free foods if you want to move back to TX. :) hee hee

Seriously though...I love you. I'm sorry you're having to add this to the list but glad it's manageable. xoxo

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