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May 16, 2012



Mar, I've always enjoyed that you are a voracious researcher!


Lori Tolbert

Knowledge is power.

And I know that I shouldn't laugh about this post, but the whole thing about your middle name is just plain cute.

Thank you for the updates. I've been following them closely.


I think it is so interesting--our bodies really are amazing. And I also think it's crazy how one little thing (gluten) can cause such big problems.

Grandma Honey

This was very interesting to read. Really, thank you for including all the info. I wrote to my cousin's wife about your celiac since my cousin was diagnosed with celiac about your age. I thought what she wrote back was encouraging:

"Sorry to hear your friend had to suffer before finding out she had Celiac. Thank goodness she now knows what she has and can do something about it. Ron also got very dangerously anemic and after finally having an endoscopy, he was diagnosed. That was about 12 years ago when not much was known about it but things have really changed for people with this illness. It only took him a couple of weeks with no gluten before he started feeling much better."

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