June 29, 2012



Isn't it amazing how much Mom looks like her mother?

Thank you for posting these thoughts Marilyn.

Joan Lloyd

I just got home from the cabin and turned on my computer. Yes, my eyes are filled with tears, as I read Jonathan's tribute and saw the photos. I was doing well with Jan's death at the cabin. I was busy and there were not many reminders, but when I returned home, the grief impacted me again.

Jonathan: Thank you for your words. It was really interesting how you saw changes in us through time. I admired my sister more than you know. I liked her openness and her telling us just how she felt. (speaking her mind). You always knew where you stood with her. She was so good to mother. I know she is with them now.

We are meeting with my brothers soon to grieve together and share stories and pictures. I will try to run these articles and pictures off to share with them. Thanks again, and I love you all very much.

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