June 04, 2012


Grandma Honey

Jane Jetson! Ha!
Since I have a granny machine I will be looking for any suggestions you get. Sorry I can't help in that.


I got mine three years ago. LOVE IT! It's a whirpool duet. good luck!


Fisher & Paykel eco smart got at a Sears outlet
we had never heard of this brand before and I love it. We have had ours for 3 years and it is very efficient and it was very reasonably priced.


I bought a front load washer 3 years ago and HATED it. My mother same thing. My sister in law same thing. I ended up selling it for half the price and bought OLD SCHOOL top load NON ENERGY EFFICIENT with LOTS of water. Love my old school washer!! And guess what? I paid $1000 for front load. Paid $300 for old school. Greatness.

Front load issues include smell, having to leave the door open so the seal dries (never remembered and it smells if you dont), not cleaning clothes all the way, recalls, if any metal gets into drain - forget about it...will smell forever, no enough water to drain soap off, expensive detergent, etc. The list goes on and on. I could however fit more clothes in it but to me if you had to wash them twice, what was the reason to?


LG its ok no complaints..and it is red...
I like that I can do all our laundry in four loads...it has features I've never even used...Shannon has a bosch she likes a lot...


I love my Samsung!! It is a top load and a great model. Not their fanciest but it does more than I would ever need. It is quiet and works great. The only thing is you have to use HE liquid detergent.


One of the gals I visit teach used to just wash her clothes in the bathtub . . . . . .


When Tyler and I were looking around for our (used) washer and dryer, we called Grandma to get her advice. She gave me a long list of good tips.

After you find a set that you like, but before you buy it, I'd suggest pulling out your phone and seeing what customer reviews you can find on it. And if the reviews are generally positive, you're probably good to go.

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