August 21, 2012



Well, I think you are wicked awesome anyway. No need to be a witch for that. :) And I'm sorry to hear about your iron levels. What are the next steps?

I was telling the dietician at the WIC clinic yesterday that we had been struggling with Rich's iron levels, and she gave me a handout that explained how when you eat iron you also need to eat things that help your body absorb iron. It listed tomatoes, cantaloupe, grapefruit (which I know is off limits for you), broccoli and a couple other things I can't remember as foods that help your body absorb iron. She told me to feed Rich lots of chili (beans & meat for iron, tomato sauce for absorption).

Let's have a gluten-free chili cook-off!

Also, I think you look as beautiful as ever.


The green font in pretty cool!

Grandma Honey

So I wonder why your RBCs are still low? Does it just take a long time perhaps?
I just read Karen's comment. That's what the pediatrician told me too when one of my toddlers had low iron. Back then he had me give him an egg with orange juice every morning. It brought his levels right up. But I know your situation is more complex. I know when my cousin was diagnosed with celiac I remember his wife saying it took him a year to get his blood in the normal range. So much I don't understand about celiac. You must feel so frustrated.

PS I love school supplies too!


So sorry to hear that your body is taking a LONG time to heal. Sending lots of get well wishes your way.

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