August 02, 2012



Wonder how it would be climbing through a chimney to get out of the house?

I am amazed at the vision the early Pioneers had. What beautiful buildings.



How cool!! My mom has mentioned before that I have heritage from this area, but I didn't realize how extensive/real it was.

And that tabernacle is gorgeous.


I love your pictures and your comments. It keeps me kinda in touch with what's going on in the lives of the Lloyds. I think Steve and Calva Rich would be interested in seeing your pictures of the Chapel. It is truly beautiful. I love the old buildings also. They have so much character and especially to think that they didn't have the tools etc. that we have today. I think that is why the SLC Temple is so beautiful. Miss all of you and love you. I'm going to visit my sister in Highlands Ranch August 28th and returning I early on the 3rd of Sept. I heard the Hudson's got to see you on their way home from Idaho. We sure missed them on their month vacation. I'm so grateful that Jonathan keeps in touch with Don. He really appreciates that. With love, Myrna

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