November 11, 2012



Normal would be very nice!

And yes, they were ALL waving and smiling at Mar!

Grandma Honey

Oh I didn't think about the Sacrament....how does your ward handle that for you?
Are you familiar with the Crockpot lady? I have 2 of her books, plus she has her website and everything on it is gluten free. Today she sent a link to all her subscribers of food for Thanksgiving. I haven't tried any of these but I have made many of her other recipes and we have loved most all of them.



Hi Jill!
Thanks for your comment, you are always very thoughtful.
For the Sacrament, I take a gluten free cracker in a small ziploc bag each week. We sit next to the doors by the foyer so the deacon who has the foyer duty can get to us right away to get rid of the bag. If they put it on the tray then Jonathan or one of the kids has to open the baggie for me and I reach in to get the cracker. It has been hard to get the Sacrament to me each week, especially if we travel. But it is getting better here now.
My cousin told me that in her ward in KS, the congregation all eats gluten free Sacrament for one lady with celiac disease. I thought that was so very thoughtful! They do have a very small congregation though.
How is the gluten-free eating going for you? Is it helping you at all?

Grandma Honey

Too soon to tell if it's helping me. It takes awhile, right? I'm doing it for horrible skin rashes to see if it will make a difference. Every day I just make a different recipe from the Crockpot Lady's books. We are eating well. I tried doing this a couple years ago but it was so much harder then. Now I let the Crockpot lady do my thinking for me.
We have an entire family (except for the husband) in our ward who is gluten free...I will ask what they do about Sacrament.


I feel like I should leave a comment every time I use one of your recipes. But I don't.

If I did, this blog post would have a lot more comments.

Also, this is my new favorite part of Thanksgiving.

LOVE YOU! Hope you guys have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving!

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