November 25, 2012



I don't think I ever realized why that film crew was at the arboretum that day. I just thought it was neat that they captured us there. I guess I didn't really think about Black Friday, since that was never really a thing for us.

Beautiful video! I think it captures so well what a great family we have. (Although, where was Marilyn during all of this? Was she in San Antonio by 2005? I don't quite remember. She must have been.) And really, Aunt Mar, there are some simply beautiful photos that you took.

And how cool is it that you could upload the video to your blog? Totally awesome.


I love this video!! We have so many great memories! And I love it!! :)


Heaven on Earth.


Beautiful video! Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure where I was, but I remember being bummed I missed the visit to the arboretum. I thought I was back in Dallas by Thanksgiving, but I probably had to work.

Valarie Dinkel

Great video, Marilyn. You are really a talented photographer.

Grandma Honey

I watched this on Sunday and you are right, it was such a treat! Loved seeing everyone and watching your children grow. Also fun seeing Karen and Stacy! You have an incredible talent for capturing moments. That is a very tragic story about Olive, Jim, and Kathy. So who is raising Emma?

And yes, sometimes it does take me 2-4 hours to download a video on Youtube....and then sometimes it just takes a few minutes. I don't understand the difference.


Hi Jill,
You are so wonderful! Thanks for all of your sweet comments.
It was quite a difficult time for the entire family after all 3 died and were buried. Everyone wanted to raise Emma. The family came together multiple times to try and come up with a solution.
A family member (and his wife) on Jim's side who had never had (nor ever would) the opportunity to have children and were hoping and had been waiting many years to adopt, desperately wanted to raise Emma. The entire family (both sides) prayed about all of the options together. They determined that it seemed best for her to go and live with that sweet couple. They have done a fabulous job raising her. She is loved, loved, loved! They have given her every opportunity possible. As difficult as it was for her to lose her entire world in a matter of minutes, and as much as I'm certain she still misses those 3 most important people in her life, she has been happy in her new home.
Thanks for asking about her. You are such a caring person, always thinking of others. I appreciate you,

Mary Perkins

I am glad I took time to watch the video. You did a great job of putting it together. Love ya.


Sweet! Sweet! I loved seeing so many faces I love.

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