January 31, 2013


Grandma Honey

Very impressive! So I do have one question so far...Did you send the little special delivery pkgs through the mail? I didn't see any addresses on them so I wasn't sure how you did it. So these must have been for the older activity girls right? Not the 8 and 9 year olds? I would love to do something like this.


It lifts the spirit! Thank you Mar!


Hi Jill,
Great questions!
This activity was for all of the girls 8-nearly 12.:) The 8 and 9 year olds seemed to do fine with it and some of those girls had really good insights! Because I was including all of the girls, I used part of the Tangled movie and we used themes from that to help talk about their own divine nature, etc.
The packets were given to them as we left the activity - after the lanterns. I did not send them in the mail. But I plan to send some to my teenage nieces, so some will be sent. :) Our post office was nice to donate the envelopes.
You would do a great job with this for your girls. You could customize it to their specific needs. If you decide to do it, I'd be happy help you in any way I can - if you'd like some help. It isn't difficult to do but it is a lot to put together when you multiply it all by many girls. Do you have an assistant? How many girls?
I'll email you also.


You. Are. Amazing. Seriously!! Amazing!!!
I love you Mom!! :)

Valarie Dinkel

Wonderful idea! I'll keep this in mind for future reference. You are so clever!

Grandma Joan

My previous post was lost. This was wonderful. I loved the idea. You and those you serve are blessed


You are so amazing. What a great idea. The Lord really blesses you I can tell.

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