March 10, 2013



Thanks Mar:

For me it is looking to Heaven with gratitude for God's love.


Family, family, family...

And really good food :)


Here is a link to the article! :) I looked up the author (she writes for this life'd.com) and it looks like this author has written a lot of other interesting articles as well.



I have been a LOT happier lately, and I never really considered myself not to be happy, and as I read over that list, I recognized that I am doing almost everything on there lately! Do you remember when I told you I made a list of things to do in my free time (including reading books- we talked about reading Newberry medal books)- well most of those things correlate with her list of 22 things. I really do feel so happy these days!! :)

Grandma Honey

I've been thinking lots about #19 since I read this yesterday. It has actually inspired me to clean my closet....which I have not done yet, but I will. Now I am off to read more from Emily's link.


I think that looking at things with a fresh perspective helps me be happy. I mean, Richie is the happiest kid in the world (usually) and I think a lot of that comes from the fact that the world is new for him. So, experiencing the world again with him is one thing that makes me happy.
But really, trying to change your perspective on things, or looking at life in new ways really is refreshing!

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