November 10, 2013


Joan Lloyd

While reading this blog I realized it is so many "little" things that we can be grateful for. If not written down, it is easy to overlook them or forget them. I visited my twin granddaughters today and they rattled off their parts for the Sacrament Meeting Program. They are so close, they know each other's parts and if their minds go blank for a moment, they simply fill in with some of their sisters part. (no jealousy, just love). While getting my hair done today, a lady was impatiently waiting. She was upset and frustrated and outspoken. When I was through, I went over to her and held her hand. She is a friend, and I know she has had many health problems. I simply said: "How are you doing with the change in the weather"? She relaxed and smiled and seemed so grateful that someone cared. I'm grateful for small things, for they can make a difference.


Kids are awesomw!!!


I don't think I ever really appreciated the primary program before becoming a mom. It's probably one of my most favorite yearly events now. Right up there with Conference! Kids really are the best.

Grandma Honey

What a relief your aunt and her husband are doing fine. How scary that must have been before you found out!

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